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Trading Transformation — 30 Day Trading TransformationThis includes HIGHLIGHTS for ILLUSTRATION purpose only.  The full version has 123 Pages of Intense CHANGE Programming. CHANGE becomes EASIER.

Thank you for taking time for visiting and reading this page. You are here because you are either looking for a Positive Change or you’re ready for one. Acknowledging that you need support is a brave task. So whatever you do from here, be proud of yourself for taking a positive step forward.

Mark Douglas believes that Self-Trust and Discipline are the crucial ingredients for trading success, so I begin to ask myself the same questions. In fact, I went on to experiment and to verify conventional (and unconventional) methods out there. The final result is this transformation program – “30 Day Trading Transformation: Working Your Way From a Small to BIG Trading Psychology”

Because you are here now, make sure to spend a few minutes browsing through this site. Hopefully, the self-coaching program can benefit you, sooner or later, in making your own trading BETTER.

Hi Alwin,  I just wanted to drop a line to let you know that I will be sending you the success story and feedback, though I’ll be bit late.  For Day 19/20/21/22, I needed to re-organize my knowledge and experience based on my belief and preference. This belief and preference is what I found out through this course.  Because I didn’t give a though to it before, my plan was so messy.  After a week and half of work, I just completed most of them and finally moving on to Day 22 to put everything together in one page.  It’s a lot simpler now.  This has been a great journey so far. I wanted to drop a line to make this as a promise to myself too.  It’s bit early to say but thanks for building such a great program.

30DTT is jam-packed with 30 intensive lessons and highly effective tasks to be completed each day, from eliciting your dreams, challenging your goals, understanding your Values, applying Belief Cycles, unfolding your Beliefs (self, market and system), creating routines and lifestyles, breaking down and re-building your trading system, calibrating your emotions, and many more.

Each task has been specially created and designed to search for solutions deep within yourself to aid you in maturing into a better trader.

Joining this program, you are to perform some really deep, serious, inner work within the 30 days ahead – which will undoubtedly transform you into a NEW you with more awareness, more confident, and as a more disciplined trader.

Just to be clear, the 30DTT is a PROGRAM and not just a book. There are exercises every day for 30 days. Pending on the task for that day, you may even have 4-5 exercises a day. There is so much coaching to do that I’ve created an "Answer" workbook to keep track of your progress.

At the end of the program, you will emerge with clearer and stronger focus in what you want to gain from trading, and knowing how to get there. With a stronger conviction, you take BIGGER ACTION that works.

The program has unlimited re-do value and I have intentionally designed all the tasks to be timeless in nature. This means you can do it again and again, once every 6 months, and can still learn something new each time.

This eBook suits both new and seasoned traders, everyone is definitely going to gain something out of it! It isn’t just a normal book, Alwin provide relevant tasks each day to help traders throughout the 30days, you will definitely going to feel there’s a mentor beside you!

“Entering a trade will involve all your beliefs about opportunity in relation to risk, missing out, needing a sure thing, and not being wrong. Exiting a trade will involve all your beliefs about loss, greed, failure, and control. Considering the unlimited potential for profits, entering the market will be much easier, because exiting will require you to confront your beliefs about greed, loss, and failure in relationship to the constant temptation of the possibility for unlimited profits.”

“Our personal beliefs form the texture of our lives.  When nourished with energy and action, our self-beliefs act as powerful for achieving our goals and dreams.  They access resources deep within us and direct these resources to support and achieve desired outcomes.”

“For the past eight years I have been working with top-notch Wall Street traders unearthing specific psychological issues that interfere with the trading process.  These include resistance, fear of failure, defensive behavior, negative self-characterizations, and negative mindsets that become self-fulfilling prophesies.”

“Just remember, without discipline, a clear strategy, and a concise plan, the speculator will fall into all the emotional pitfalls of the market.”

Have you ever wondered why you are not making money from trading? Do you ever wonder how come other traders are more profitable than you are even though your market predictions have been pretty good? Do you have the any of following problems?

If you have any of the above or similar problems, then the 30 Day Trading Transformation program is for you.

Understanding how your Self, Market and Trading Beliefs can INFLUENCE you and your trading results. Once you understand it, you learn to manage it.

Making sense of Sub-Systems. It means you can decide how you want your overall trading system to work.

Creating a Trading Plan where you can trade with CERTAINTY. That means, to trade with confidence and without hesitation.

When You Get Your Copy of 30DTT Today, It comes with a Transformation WorkBook. This is your Transformation Journal where you KEEP TRACK of Powerful Resources that you create in the next 30 Days!!

This eBook suits both new and seasoned traders, everyone is definitely going to gain something out of it! It isn’t just a normal book, Alwin provide relevant tasks each day to help traders throughout the 30days, you will definitely going to feel… Read more…

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