Download all kinds of ebooks and software letter below this box was written for the initial launch of The Value Machine  in September 2016. That launch offer proved so popular that I was forced to close to new members within 4 days.

Since that time The Value Machine has gone from strength to strength and has received some incredible feedback including:

"First of all just to say that I love this software. Last count I was 212 points up after starting on 30th September. It’s really done the business so far."

"A quick update on my results using the Value Machine since 4th October (spreadsheet attached): Bets 1469, Wins 341 – £20 stakes resulted in £4334.80 clear profit and an ROI of just under 15%. Well done to all concerned!" 

Everyone’s results will differ depending on the settings they use for the software but as an example, I have been running a couple of automated tests with the software since last November and if you had been running 4 value scans a day and backed all selections priced up to 10/1 you would have returned a very nice profit of: +617.37 points

If you are a little more risk averse, you might have decided to back only shorter priced selections (7/4 to 3/1 for example as my MVS Lite customers do) and you would have made a profit of: +137.08 points from an average of 3 bets a day using a much smaller bank

New mebmership have become available only a couple of times in the last year and and I have only a few memberships available now as an exclusive for Goal Profits. These memberships will only be available for 7 days and then who knows when or if this opportunity will be available again!

So, have a read of the letter, watch the video and sign up if you think it might be for you. You can do it safe in the knowledge that we offer a full, no quibble 60 day money back guarantee if you are unhappy for any reason.

Finally, you can join the select group who’ve netted £5,314,215 from these covert value bets over the past 5 years

I believe what you are about to read will revolutionise your betting forever and help you start to make the income you’ve always dreamed about.

But, first, let me tell you a little about how I got to this point and why I’m qualified to make these bold claims.

My name is Kieran Ward and I’m a professional punter, blogger and tipster. I’ve been toiling at the coalface of professional betting for close to 20 years now and for the last 8 I’ve been online writing about what I do alongside running one of the most profitable tipping services in the country (quite possibly the MOST profitable!).

If you saw the video I released last week, you’ll know that in my ‘wilderness years’, I lost more than £50,000 betting on horses and buying the garbage that’s peddled as tips and systems by the many unscrupulous types out there.

I guess I’m not the only one who’s been suckered by these shysters. You’ve probably done something similar yourself.

In fact, I was forced to give up a few times while I replenished my coffers doing whatever mind numbing, tedious job I was suffering through at the time.

What kept me going was the knowledge that THERE WERE PEOPLE OUT THERE LIVING MY DREAM – earning their living solely from betting and not having to put up with a job in the workaday world.

Every loss and wrong turn I took, moved me one step closer to the things that do work and one step closer to achieving my dream.

I learnt the key aspects of making my betting pay – discipline, a plan, record keeping, a betting bank. Betting like it’s a business not a hobby.

As the lessons began to sink in, things slowly improved – I was no longer losing money hand over fist. – in fact, I wasn’t losing money at all after a while.

Most of the tipsters out there are in the “find a winner at any price” camp. And sure, if you have a 100% win strike rate that’s a great camp to be in!

The truth is, that to make consistent long term profits, you have to be consistently backing horses at a bigger price than their true chance of winning the race.

You won’t get the winner every time, or even most of the time, but as long as you’re getting your bets on at bigger prices than they truly should be – you’re guaranteed to make money in the long term.

These profitable ‘value betting opportunities’ occur when the bookmaker has plain “got it wrong” and is offering far too big a price.

And the good news is, that occurs a lot more often than you might think – the odds compilers are not infallible. How can they be? They have to price up every single runner in every single race.

Furthermore, it’s that expertise that has enabled me to run The Morning Value Service for more than 5 years now and ensure that it is among the most profitable (if not the most profitable!) tipping service in the country.

I know I’m tooting my own flute a bit here but it’s not without justification! Let’s look at the evidence:

The Morning Value Service (my main service which includes every single tip I give) has produced the following profit to advised prices since it first opened it’s doors in July 2011.

Performance  correct up to and including 03-09-16. Performance based on 1 pt level stakes win bets at advised prices with BOG and r4 applied where applicable. All bets proofed to geegeez and Secret beting Club since the very beginning and to race Advisor since they started proofing in early… Read more…

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