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The Event ToolkitYou spend hours and hours down the internet rabbit hole, trying to find all the tricks to create a successful event, but instead, end up even more overwhelmed and frazzled than when you sat down. WHY CAN’T THERE BE A SIMPLE RESOURCE THAT JUST TELLS YOU WHAT TO DO IN AN EASY-TO-FOLLOW WAY? Ugh. 

You volunteer to organize events for your family and friends because you think oh, that’ll be fun! But it takes about 2 seconds for it to go from a fun thought to a suffocating nightmare as you realize you don’t even know how to get started. WHY IS THIS SO HARD ANYWAY? 

You get roped in at work to plan the company’s events because you’re great at your job and your boss relies on you. But event planning? You don’t even know where to begin. You don’t want to screw this up, disappoint your boss, or look like a failure. WHY CAN’T YOU FIGURE THIS OUT?

You want to plan a successful event (and pack it out), but when it comes down to budget, you don’t have a clue. Which means you end up underestimating things in the beginning only to find out your over budget in the end. It’s a complete nightmare and you DESPERATELY NEED A CHEAT SHEET FOR THIS STUFF! 

You think about all the moving pieces of a successful event, knowing that you’re responsible for all of it and you’re basically in panic mode. You need to figure out how to stay cool, calm, and collected so things go off without a hitch. (ALTERNATIVE PLAN: WINE. LOTS OF WINE.)

You no longer have to spend hours reading things on the internet because you have all of the information you need to successfully plan an event. And it’s all in one place. Hallelujah! 

You make a killer first impression with potential clients because you are able to answer their questions confidently and accurately every time. Yeah, you know your shit.

You don’t worry about having what it takes to plan a successful event or feeling terrified that you’re going to ruin the event that you only have one chance at and die of embarrassment as a result. Hello, confidence!

The Event Toolkit isn’t just another internet resource full of fluff and nonsense. It’s the only resource you need to successfully plan any event. Whether you’re doing some freelance event planning or throwing parties for your job or family, the Event Toolkit has you covered. 

The best part? You won’t have to wait for thick, heavy books to come in the mail as you lose another potential client or miss another important family event. Oops, there goes another one. With just a couple clicks, The Event Toolkit can be yours. 

Yes! The Event Planning Toolkit has worked for countless individuals just like you no matter if they were brand new to planning events, with no prior experience, or a professional with clients just looking for a better way.

“After planning events for a decade, I wanted to start my own event planning company. Three years later, we plan 45+ events a year. I found Event Planning Blueprint to be such a valuable resource. Everything that someone new may want to learn, they can learn from the tools and techniques that Event Planning Blueprint has put together.”

“The Event Toolkit has EXTREMELY helpful worksheets to make event planning easier – all the way from idea to completion. I highly recommend The Event Toolkit for anyone who wants his or her event to be absolutely unforgettable. ”

I spent years as a successful event planner and had the pleasure of planning events for all types of people (even celebrities- holla!), in all sorts of places, for countless occasions.

I’m not gonna lie, my business was HOT. My company was thriving and each event I planned became the talk of the town. From intimate gatherings to 30,000 people celebrations, I was the go-to planner for experiences that would be remembered. As my business grew, other event planners were constantly asking me for tips.

I decided to share this program with the world so no other woman would have to go effing insane while trying to coordinate all the moving pieces of planning a killer event. #yourewelcome

“Worth every penny! I encourage all event planners to invest in themselves and buy The Event Toolkit. You will not be disappointed."

“The Event Toolkit, or the event planners bible as I like to call it, has so much information on everything you need to know to plan and throw an event.”

This is the mack daddy of all to-do lists. This checklist helps you visualize your entire event starting with the end goal, and then work backward to execute it perfectly. This is the secret weapon of all master event planners. ($197 value)

This is not your mama’s budget!This template is very detailed (and super easy-to-use) that will let you know the bottom line. With this, you’ll always know the answer to money questions so you don’t end up in an over-budget nightmare. If your client (or husband!) asks, you know where every penny is going. (I’ve even included a currency exchange portion to make planning international events easy as pie.) ($197 value)

The step-by-step system professionals use to plan successful events with ease. Inside, you’ll find all of my tools, resources, and industry secrets that I’ve used to plan every event, no matter the size or the occasion – including a Sponsorship Toolkit. The Event Toolkit is something you’ll use over and over again to put together any event that comes your way. ($297 value)

If for any reason you are unsatisfied with this product, you may return it for a complete refund within 90 days, no questions asked

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