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The Champ Picks"At Last! A Done-It-For-You Handicapping Service That Uncovers The Winners YOU Can Bet On!"

Experience The Power, Confidence, and Sheer Unbridled Joy of Putting Your Money on Potential Winners Week After Week… I’ve done all the ‘work’ for you. YOU get access to the same dynamite bets I depend my fortunes on!

From the author of the best-selling Exterminator and Demolisher Sports Betting System: I’m sure you’ve seen your fair share of people out there making sports handicapping claims they can’t back up. You see, I’m not some Johnny come lately – I’ve been immersed into the world of sports betting for all of my adult life, and picking winners is a department I solely depend on to sustain my livelihood!

I’ve made money for countless members across the globe with my personal selections. Now, I want YOU to be my next success story.

As the renowned creator of the Exterminator and Demolisher betting systems, the most popular sports betting systems on the marketplace from coast to coast, I’ve been hounded at just about every corner I turn for my own personal selections in sports. Well…

It’s time for you to feel like a kid on Christmas morning again every day as I open my doors to one of the most anticipated sports capping program over the years!

I’ve amassed a heap of indescribable wealth through my sports betting bonanza over the years, and now you too, can potentially board along the spaceship to sports betting fortune with me as I reveal to you my same breakthrough betting selections that I depend my livelihood on!

Captain Neeraj P., recipient of the prestigious U.S. Meritorious Service Medal, wrote this touching testimony below after he won $4,200.00 with my picks, and became fearful that his bookie will stop allowing him to bet because he was winning way too much money! He proudly declares my personal picks to be a "cash flow machine!"

Captain Neeraj P. is an air force captain and American hero who was awarded the prestigious United States Meritorious Service Medal for his distinguished leadership in the air force.

As the U.S. Meritorius Service Medal recipient puts it: He’s afraid that his bookie will stop letting him bet because he’s been winning way too much money betting along with my selections. He proudly testifies that my personal picks have paid for itself many times over, and he couldn’t be any happier! Captain Neeraj ends his letter declaring that my personal picks is the best investment he has ever encountered in his lifetime!

Severin Lewandowski suffered devastating strokes leaving him with permanent brain injury. He is now blind in his eyes, and relies on my personal picks to generate income for his bills and daily living expenses. Severin says: "Your personal picks are cashing in at nearly an 80% clip. So far in just 30 days, I am up 42 units!! All I can say is AMAZING!"

Managing Director and Head of the Gaming Department for Citizens Bank says: "I think the picks are awesome! Look forward to working with you for a long time to come!"

In my adult life I advanced to become the creator of the world’s best-selling sports betting systems that have taken the industry by storm. As a matter of fact, one of my betting systems’ success was so far-reaching that it actually ran a major sportsbook out of business!

Now, I spend my life scrupulously toiling over the sporting database to establish, enhance, and sustain a methodology to picking out sports betting winners. In front of you right now is a fiery window of opportunity to jump onboard with me for the sports betting ride of your lifetime!

Evan O’Meara, head coach of the Pasadena City College Lancers, says that I am "the best in the business!"

Now, let’s be realistic here that you probably won’t be cashing in on tens of thousands in winning bets on each and every single day of the year without fail. In fact, when it comes to betting you always need to be prepared for the prospect of also losing on your bets. No sports handicapper, however legendary they may be, will ever get you 100% undefeated wins for eternity.

But how would you feel to tap into the same set of my powerful sports picks that have historically generated mind-blowing winning margins? Well, it’s time to stop wishing! My friend, you’re now just one click-button away from possibly beginning to explode your income by betting on my killer picks.

Jeb Andrews, PhD, CEO of Clinical Trials of America, says: "Thanks for your work on The Champ Picks! I’m kicking ass and taking names! Rock on!"

My lifestyle is only in existence if I can continue picking winners. Every day, my members can have their fortunes riding on the same picks that I release. Many of these members have been with me for years, and attest to the incredible winning consistency of my selections!

My distinguished math and handicapping background, access to private sports information, and a ruthless work ethic beyond every measure all come together to provide me an uncanny ability to deliver to you the finest resulting selections.

George Stamatakis is $30,000 deep in debt after his failed business venture took him for everything he had. He now relies on betting along with my daily personal picks to make money to pay back his enormous debts. As George puts it in his heartfelt testimony: "I’ve been with The Champ Picks for 6 weeks now, and I’ve managed to turn $50 into $500!"

Now, we should be mindful that past results don’t guarantee future performance, but I have laid out my full documented record as I have it to give you a full bird’s eye view of how my picks have panned out over time. When my picks cash in, it will be just as if somebody is handing over to you a big, fat bag… Read more…

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