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This One Thing I Do - Philippians 3:13-14 - FocusMost people live for many things. Some people live for one thing—but the wrong thing. What do you live for? What is the focus of your life? Better yet, what should the focus of your life be? In this life-transforming book, Bishop Darlingston G. Johnson, D.Min., identifies the right focus of a Christian and describes the hallmarks of that focus. He persuades believers to adopt it and defines the mindset required to maintain it. This book will challenge you to examine your life in the light of eternity: Do the things that you live for have eternal value? When you stand before God’s throne, will you hear Him say, "Fool!" Or will you hear Him say, "Well done"? Will you wear the glittering crown that day—because you lived focused on the right thing?

Key Concepts: winning in life, having the right focus, knowing Christ, making Christ known, living for Christ, glorifying God, loving Jesus more, loving the church, preaching the Gospel, winning the lost, serving Christ, sacrificing for Christ, suffering for Christ, forgetting the past, forgiving others, reaching forward

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