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E-Cookbooks Library - Restaurant Recipes    Are you tired of waiting and waiting for pizza delivery just to open the box and find a cold soggy mess? How about if you could have fresh, piping hot pizza anytime you want … Make Pizzeria Pizza At Home! Not only do we reveal the secret recipes used, but our easy step-by-step instructions teach you the special techniques for stretching dough and making pizza. For less than $2.50 you can feed the family with delicious fresh pizza from your very own kitchen! Just think of the money you’ll save!  

For thousands of years, the people of China have been creating fantastic foods. Get all the secret recipes from your favorite Chinese restaurant! This collection of over 100 carefully detailed recipes represent the best-loved foods from Peking, Szechwan, Hunan, and Canton. More than just a compendium of Chinese recipes, you will learn how to cook Chinese food, not merely learn some new recipes. Without any special training, You Too Can Cook Like a Chinese Chef!

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