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The Mental Health Miracle - Crush Anxiety and DepressionI suffered with anxiety and depression for about 15 years. I know what it feels like to deal with horrible anxiety every day, and I know what severe depression feels like.

It wasn’t until after I had been through the rollercoaster of prescription medications that I discovered that there are other better methods to treating (and actually overcoming) anxiety and depression.

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Dear Ronen, I have followed your messages for about one year. You have given me hope for my son Justin. Your writings are the high lights of my day. I struggle with trying to help my son see some hope to keep going on to live a normal life. These writings that help him are from you. I now see a picture of you and it makes my heart smile. You have truly been an ensperation to me and have giving me more hope than any doctor here in the USA. This is your path and thank you for all you have done. Please keep writing. A life saved is worth more than anything.Sincerly, patricia

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"I took a chance and emailed the author with a pre-purchase question. I was surprised and pleased when he answered me promptly. More important than the answer was Ronen’s attitude. He was kind and empathetic toward my friend’s search for returning to a more normal life."

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