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Special Offer -If you’re like me you always figured nobody won any money betting on the horses and your past experience (like mine) convinced us of that fact.

So who the heck am I and more importantly why should you listen to anything I have to say about horses and betting? Let’s just say I actually do have an inside track and a lot of history to go with it.

I was born in Ireland, Mickey O’Hara, in 1993. Growing up, I followed my dad, Michael O’Hara, everywhere he went. In his younger years he’d been a jockey, following that he was a trainer and I dreamed of someday being just like him!

That dream was somewhat shattered in 2004 when my father lost his job. But we carried our love of horses with us from Ireland to our new home in County Durham, the year that I started high school. My next door neighbour Perry Westfield became my best friend, in and out of school, and would later have a big part to play in The Stable Guys success story…

Whilst in school and for a few years thereafter I tried to pursue my dream of becoming a jockey like my father had once been. But after years of failed attempts and never making it to even a semi-professional level, I hung up my helmet. My time in the equestrian industry wasn’t wasted though; I’d made plenty of valuable contacts.

Fast forward to 2016, I’m working as a poorly paid journalism intern, still living with my parents, and my dad… isn’t doing much.

Perry, on the other hand, had been doing a little better for himself. He graduated from Oxford University with a first class honours degree and landed a job as a systems analyst for a large IT company. Things were looking up and it was good to have Perry around on a regular basis again.

… until Perry was made redundant on a “last in first out” basis. But at least I had my buddy living next door once again!

One Sunday evening, Perry and I were kicking back with a few beers at my place and watching football. Eventually we got to talking about my one true passion – horse racing, and the subject of my father’s betting came up. He’d placed a lot of bets that day – and I mean A LOT. So we decided to ask him – Why?

For every horse that won he said “I knew it would win”. For every horse that lost he said something along the lines of “it should have won”. As it turned out, he’d actually picked 7 winners that day… but he’d also picked SEVENTEEN losers! I wondered if there was any way of trimming the fat and narrowing his selections down to just the winners…

Perry began probing my dad with questions; asking him how he makes his selections and why he thinks certain horses will win. This conversation goes on for HOURS.

The following day I arrive home from work and Perry’s in my kitchen, chatting to my dad about the horses… and this goes on all week!

Every night I come home, hang up my coat and then catch them in the kitchen, looking at timetables, race statistics and emailing various contacts.

The following Saturday, Perry called me and asked me to come over. When I walked into his room it looked like a detective’s office, or the late-night Redbull-fuelled creation of a PhD statistics student. There were graphs, charts and notes covering every wall! Long gone were the band posters and bikini models from when we were growing up. He’d used all the information my dad had provided and his own analytic abilities to create a horse racing megahub.

He showed me my father’s selections and a comparison of selections that he’d narrowed down from my dad’s. That week my dad had picked 82 horses of which 22 were winners. From those, Perry had narrowed the list down to 32 selections which resulted in 19 winners.

I examined Perry’s selections, looking for anything he may have missed based on my own extensive knowledge of horse racing and insider info. There were 8 horses I struck from the list, bringing the final count down to 24 selections and 18 winners.

Finally, after hundreds of cups of coffee, late night after late night (continuously reminding my Dad and Perry I actually had to turn up for a job the next day) countless hours of phone calls with Perry (mostly while I was at work) and weeks of paper trading, we began to place real money bets and began winning.

Today we call ourselves The Stable Guys – the guys with a background in the business who can offer you a STABLE income!

We check, double check and triple check to ensure only the best possible selections are sent to you each morning…

All you have to do is sign up on this page with your email address and The Stable Guys’ hand-picked selections are sent straight to your inbox each morning.

I get it, you migth still be on the fence a bit wondering if it could really be true. You have always believed that if something sounded too good to be true it probably was… no problem keep reading let’s see if we can’t show you why this is different and how it will improve your life!

I admit it, I still have to pinch myself sometimes to make me believe this is all real. I know by myself or my Dad on his own, or even Perry alone could never have put the pieces together.

But with all three of us, our varied backgrounds and areas of expertise it was a formula for success.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying it was easy there were a lot of long hard nights. Not to mention all… Read more…

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