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Special Offer -I have created myself a great lifestyle, now I want to see other people enjoy the same lifestyle that my family has. I was once in the same position that you are now, and look at where I have taken myself. I have been there, missing out on a winning bet in a photo finish, having two winners out of three in a treble and generally coming oh so close to winning a lot of money. But now I am different, I no longer come close, I use Close Betting to help me win.

FINALLY….after successfully keeping hold of my secrets for so long, I am going to show you how to succeed just like I have done. Get on the fast train, because you are going to be cashing in from the bookmaker accounts you have by using this SIMPLE AND EASY TO USE SERVICE.

That is A LOT more money than some punters make in their lifetime. I GUARANTEE they will put more effort into their gambling than I do. My method is easy to use, takes just MINUTES PER DAY and is now available so that you can achieve the same results as me!

You KNOW they have found a secret formula, and you have seen how successful and happy this has made them in the betting shop.

This is an area I have been an expert in for a very long time. I know what I am doing, and many people across the internet will know and respect my name, meaning they trust the information that I am about to disclose to you.

This takes some believing, but after seeing my own progress over the past few years, I assure you IT CAN BE DONE.

Sometimes in life you have an opportunity and you just have to go for it. Anyone who seriously wants to make a profit at the races will take this opportunity and run. They will not turn their back, instead they will jump on board and realise what a great opportunity this really is.

I get it, you migth still be on the fence a bit wondering if it could really be true. You have always believed that if something sounded too good to be true it probably was… no problem keep reading let’s see if we can’t show you why this is different and how it will improve your life!

Keep going yourself, take the long road to becoming a winning punter, and one you may never complete.

I’ve worked very hard to get to the position I am currently in, something which has taken over a decade to build up. I know make a great living from betting on horses, and have given my family a great lifestyle because of that.

Many horse racing fans began their love for the sport at a very young age and I am no different. As a child I was taken to the races on many occasions, and the brilliant animals on show led me into the sport. Jumps or flat, it didn’t matter to me as a child and that is the same now with my betting, I love any type of racing, from the top to the bottom, from jumps to flat. I still get the same thrill nowadays that I did as a child, I still have the same passion about the sport and most importantly of all, I still get the same thrill and excitement from it.

Like most other punters, my Saturday afternoons were spent either in the betting shop, or watching at home on TV after a trip to the betting shop, horse racing was a huge part of my life. That grew in the 2000’s due to one huge change and that was the emergence of online betting, something that changed my life.

I used to spend many hours studying the form and researching about various horses before placing my bets online. Having a background in stats certainly helped, as did the experience I was quickly picking up from watching horse racing every single day. Over time, I fine-tuned my method and got to the point where I could rate each race, with fantastic accuracy. I took this information and developed my own system of placing bets, which would almost guarantee me a profit of at least 20 points per month. If you place your bets at

Close Betting is a proven, professional UK tip service that will deliver profitable winning tips to your inbox daily.

I run a one man operation, everything goes through me, I am fully involved in this. I spend an incredible amount of time working through everything behind the scenes to make sure things continue to run smoothly. However, the rewards have been there for all to see….

I have done all of this working from home, I do not have special contacts, I am just a normal person, who has managed to find huge success betting on horse racing. Now it is your turn to do the same. I have been providing selections to my loyal subscribers and have never failed to deliver a profit long term, and because of this those who tried my powerful service have recorded some very impressive results!

If you are a punter, or you simply want to make some additional tax-free income from your own home then you will already have realised the opportunity you have here. Your mind is already made up and with that, let us summarize EVERYTHING you will receive today when you press the ADD TO CART button below

I am going to make this affordable for EVERYONE because I want EVERYONE to taste the same success that I did.

If you are honest, and you legitimately want to MAKE YOUR BETTING PAY, then I have priced this especially for you.

My costs to deliver this service to you are very low, meaning I can SLASH THE PRICE to give you a BARGAIN!

When you… Read more…

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