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Shrimp Farming GuideEqually Shocking is What is Happening to the Fishing Industry and the Price of those Shrimp because of the actions of a certain oil company…

"ATTENTION: If you have a shrimp farm business or are about to start one, this may be the most Valuable Letter you will ever read…":

The Shrimp Business Is A Multi-Billion Dollar Business and Is a Business where literally anyone can make a six figure income in…and you don’t need a University Degree to do it.

Over 5 Billion Pounds of Shrimp are produced each year globally – either through farming or wild catch.

The Shrimping Industry is a $20 BILLION Dollar Global Industry and a large chunk of the demand for the product lies right in the United States.

With the economy still in turmoil and unemployment continuing to be in shatters in most places, people are getting desperate and grasping at straws to find a solid, sustainable business to support their families and, better yet, future generations. Schemes and frauds are rampant and every marketer has to be closely scrutinized.

So if I were to reveal to you (which I will in a minute) that Shrimp Farming is about to explode as an industry, you’d rightfully ask "Just who is this guy that’s talking to us about Shrimp Farms?"

Well…for starters I’m not just some marketer in a plush office who saw an opportunity on CNN and decided to write an ebook. That’s not the case at all. In fact, many generations of my family have worked and made their livings in the Gulf of Mexico. Below is a picture of the actual oil platformthat my grandfather worked on in the 1950’s, as my dad grew up on Grand Isle, La.

I continue to live and work on the Gulf Coast and see firsthand what this disaster has done to businesses and families alike.

Unfortunately, this is just the beginning of the economic hardships to come and it sickens me to think of the environmental and economic losses that are multiplying by the minute.

An era of many generations prospering off of the abundant seafood coming out of the Gulf may be coming to close but there IS a way to build something sustainable from the ruin that has been tossed on our doorstep.

I see an opportunity and a demand in the market so have put some very serious time into creating a valuable product to help fill that need – but I am also a very interested party.

This is my home and my hope is also that some of the fisherman and displaced businesses will find their way into some new opportunities such as this one, because it’s a beauty!

Whether you are one of the many unfortunates affected by the oil spill or simply a savvy entrepreneur who knows a hot market when they see it, information on starting and running a Shrimp Farm is scarce!

Are you frustrated wiith the limited quality of Shrimp Farm books on the market? Are you disappointed again that they are difficult to follow? Not enough information? Do you have questions about raising shrimp properly that need to be answered?

You have tons of questions about raising shrimp and you’re sick and tired of searching for information from all over the place, struggling to get the true and complete facts.

If you have any interest at all in shrimp farming…and if you want to find out what type of farmed shrimp you should grow…or you just want to figure out whether you should start a shrimp farm or not…keep reading on for the most important information you need to know.

If you’re serious about Raising Shrimp for profit, there are several questions you need to consider:

Making a mistake when farming Shrimp can be deadly for your Shrimp…not to mention costly, frustrating and downright depressing.

You have heard of Shrimp farming actually being harmful to the environment. Is this really the case…what does it actually mean…and how can you counteract that???

Are there any associations, clubs or organizations relating to shrimp farming and aquaponics where you can get support???

If you or one of your loved ones wants to know how to farm raise shrimp from start to finish, but have a lot of doubt or questions…

Why not just "what" you feed your shrimp BUT "how" you feed them can have a huge impact on your harvest

Your Important Alliances. Discover EXACTLY who you need to align yourself with to get your product to market…for the best price.

Loads of resources you’ll need to connect with a huge number of shrimp larvae and aquaculture suppliers across the globe.

Find everything you need to get started rasing Shrimp including: equipment, larvae, supplies, medicine, feed, feeders…you name it!

You immediately want to start a big high-profile, sloppy enterprise with no regard for your industry, your community or your environment. You can’t build any kind of business without a foundation and a network. Bottom line: For any structure to stand – you need a solid foundation.

You want a pretty coffee table-style book to impress your friends. Nope again. This is nuts and bolts presented in a non-flashy manner so that you can start planning your operations immediately.

If you answered "Yes" to any of the above questions, DO NOT STOP NOW, what you are about to read below could help you change your life…

Build your company to as big as you can handle. Make your goal to work part-time or to have 5 crews working for you. It’s all up to YOU.

Obviously, there’s hard work involved. Anyone who tells you otherwise is just selling "the dream" and… unfortunately that’s all it is.

So if you’re looking to develop financial freedom and financial independence…the reason why I’m doing this now is because I know things that you may not know. I know what’s happening with the U.S. dollar. I… Read more…

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