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ROI MultiplierGet ready to plug in the most profitable done-for-you admin system ever created for the fitness industry that will instantly help you …

As business owners, we share a secret we never talk about in trainer’s meetings: Most employees are a necessary expense. Like rent, utilities, and taxes … most employees are on the red side of the ledger. But what if there was a way to move your admin to the black side of the ledger, helping her become a money-making, income-producing, cash-saving team member?

Your admin is usually the first point of contact a new prospect has with your business. That gives your admin incredible power and control over your brand’s influence. This means she’s almost certainly the most under-utilized profit opportunity in your business. So, why not take advantage of her position, increase her skills, and leverage her abilities to make you more money?

When an earthquake cracks the ocean floor in the middle of the sea, it results in a ripple effect that swells and swells and swells until becomes a tsunami. Your admin, too, creates a ripple effect, day after day, leaving a massive impact on how your customers view your business. Shouldn’t you turn this ripple effect into an opportunity to change more lives and generate more profits?

Discover how, in the next five minutes, to install the ultimate productivity and accountability system that…

But before we get more into the specifics, I’m betting you’ve invested in a few business building systems and feel overwhelmed by the amount of work involved.

You see, unlike many of the other time-consuming programs you may have invested in the past, this Administrative Command and Control Center installs in minutes. And it only takes about two hours total to get your admin up and running full steam.

Sure, its quick and easy to use, and will make life a lot easier on you; that’s a given. But there’s more, a lot more, to this system. Once it’s installed, it becomes a force multiplier for your business because it …

Not only that, but ROI Multiplier also solves the 12 biggest pain points you have in your business … and several others to boot:

Once your admin is solving one problem after the other … and once you’ve lived with ROI Multiplier for a few days … you’ll see how it’s already starting to make you more money.

And while I can’t promise you’ll explode your revenue by 35% as I have — I thinkyou probably will.

While I can’t ensure you’ll decrease your admin’s payroll by a whopping 75% as I have — I wouldn’t doubt it for a second if you do.

And while I can’t guarantee you’ll sleep better than you have since before opening your business as I do — I’ll be shocked if you don’t.

Because when you install the all-new, brain-dead simple, Administrative Command and Control Center, not only will you reduce your stress, hours, and workload … you’ll wonder how you lived without it.

Envision this: at the beginning of each new shift your admin opens a single, scrolling document that walks her step-by-step through every project she needs to finish before the end of her shift.

At her fingertips are every task, duty, and responsibility she needs to complete to keep your business running smoothly.

She’ll start at the same place every day — the Daily Log — and she’ll keep this log open and active on her desktop the whole shift.

As she scrolls through the document, she’ll be cued and reminded to take care of one task after the other.

When she comes across a particular task (such as entering new leads into your system), she’s one click away from being redirected to your CRM software. With another click, she’s back to the Daily Log, where she continues to scroll down the document, taking care of every task, line item by line item until she’s finished for the day. This is her new workflow, and …

With ROI Multiplier, your admin becomes remarkably more efficient. Incredibly, she’s able to get her work done in about 1/3 the time.

And, amazingly — if you decide as I have — you can cut her hours up to 75% … saving you tens of thousands of dollars every year on payroll expenses.

But whether you decide to cut back on her hours or not, there are multiple other benefits to having ROI Multiplier working for you.

Take, for example, how this new workflow has helped my admin increase sales by 35% here at Infinite Fitness Sports Performance.

Not only am I saving 75% on my admin payroll expense, but she’s also helping increase my sales by 35% … for a net gain of 110%.

Do you know what this means? It means my admin is no longer functioning as an expense, like rent, utilities, and taxes.

I don’t mean she’s closing sales in the office. I mean she’s responsible for everything it takes to get new leads through the door and scheduled on my book.

How would a 35% increase in sales change your life as it has mine? Let’s take a look at a few hypothetical scenarios.

If you currently own a $100,000 business, a 35% increase would hand you an additional $35,000. That’s not too shabby, right?

But, if you currently have a $150,000 business, the same math would hand you an additional $52,500. That’s a bit better, right? But if you have a $200,000 business — how does an extra $70,000 sound?

Envision this. If you have a $250,000 business, moving your admin from the red side of the ledger to the black side would give you an impressive $87,500 income boost.A $500,000 business could generate a whopping… Read more…

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