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Profit MachineWith football when betting for the favourite, the odds are that low that you don’t really make any money quick. This is due to it being such a popular sport Bookies don’t want to lose too much money by offering good odds. And when they do give out decent odds they usually pay it out as a free bet.

Why is it when bookies advertise they always advertise with football? They know that’s where they make the money.

Football is not reliable to many factors can influence the outcome of the game whether it’s a refereeing decision or a player not pulling its weight.

Bookies are not prepared to offer fair odds in football games to counter the risk you take whichever team you put your money on so any profits you make are very minimal for a bigger risk. For example:

I have been running several successful service like Threepoints sytem the basketball tipping service.

Most recently you will have heard of my runaway success Everyday profits that everybody in the betting Industry is talking about. Now I am giving you lot the chance to make some good money betting on American football.

I have a history full of successful betting services in a market filled with pretenders and fraudsters.

Bookies hate me because of the amount of money I have took back of them and that I have helped other people take of them as well. I have made 100s of punters over thousands of pounds in the past few years betting with me on american sports from basketball to baseball and the NFL this is a proven tipster with real feedback!

I have experienced the exact Bulls**t you have come across. Tipsters promising me the world, that they are going to change my life and then you buy the product and they let you completely down

My thing has always been to try and outsmart the bookies, now a lot of tipsters flat out lie to you say that they can outsmart the bookies betting on horses or on the premier league.

They invest all their resources in becoming specialist in football and horse racing as they know those are the two most popular sports with punters in the UK.

Not only that they rig the odds so that’s it’s not even worth betting on football unless you are prepared to lose huge

With American Sports the bookies have no clue they don’t worry themselves with it because its so unpopular in the UK.

That’s why you should look at it as an unexplored market where the field is levelled between the bookies and the punters. With my expertise in NFL and living over the in New York I can get my information first hand to hand over to you.

The point spread levels the playing field, making betting on either the favourite or the underdog equally attractive. Either the favourite has to win by the margin listed, or the underdog has a buffer to lose the game by that margin, or win it outright.

In the example below, the Colts are the favourite. The minus sign always denotes the favourite, and the plus sign denotes the underdog. For Indianapolis to cover 3.5 points, they have to win by four or more. So in this example, if you bet on the Colts, they need to win by at least four points to cover the spread.

However, if you bet the Giants, they can lose by three, two or one point, or win the game outright, and you win your bet.

With Spread betting it allows you to get great odds whilst betting on the heavy favourite. We always look for odds at least above 1.85 when betting as otherwise for me its not worth taking the risk with the size of bets I place.

I’ve been betting for the past 25 years without much success until two years ago but I’ll tell you about that later on.

Now just like you I worked hard during the week being a mechanic and spent my weekends in the bookies hoping to get lucky betting on all sorts from football to greyhounds to football. But only occasionally was I successful and my betting habits really started to become a burden on my family. I began searching for a way to have consistent winners, so I read guides I subscribed to many different tipsters and gurus still my wins were not consistent enough.

I stopped all subscriptions, threw out all them useless guide books and decided to take matters in my own hands.

I decided I wanted to go into a niche market, I wanted to find sports that has huge money making potential for me which is not really popular with the punters.

Now yes we know that you guys don’t like going into the American market but NFL has proven to be a massive money making sport for pundits in the U.S.

In addition, bookmakers in Britain offer much better odds because it’s not a popular sport with pundits this means there are a lot of overpriced favourites or underdogs. With my expertise I will be picking out these bets in the market for you every day and then sending them out to you for you to bet on. Hence why there is such potential for you to make huge returns betting on American football, you are essentially working on a level playing field with bookies. Whilst betting in football or horse racing the scales are tipped in favour of the bookies. Betting essentially is about get one over on the bookies, with my expert knowledge in the field of american football handing you tips every day you’ll always be one step ahead of the bookies.

The most gambled sports event in any sports is the final game of the nfl season the SuperBowl. Americans have enjoyed making fortunes on this event for decades its about time we join our cousins across the pond in… Read more…

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