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Practical A-Z Safari Guide (CB) - Africa FreakI was at the wildlife preserve of Ngorongoro, Tanzania. This place is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, with a volcanic crater that’s almost as big as the entire Republic of Malta!

It’s also a wild paradise, teeming with lions, black rhinos, hippos, and thousands of zebras and wildebeest. One evening, our camp was visited by an elephant who wanted to drink from the camp’s water supply.

We couldn’t believe our luck – until the elephant smelled a box of Pringles and tried stealing it. Ultimately, he couldn’t open that bag, but he did trample my friend Maureen’s bag, and her iPhone in it!

And that’s how we learned an important lesson – do not carry anything fancy in your safari bag. It’s a mistake that Maureen will never make again.

I want to share my safari lessons with you, so that you don’t have to learn them the hard way and lose your new iPhone, or even your secret stash of Pringles!

Since you’re reading this, I know that you dream of an unforgettable adventure in Africa’s untamed wilderness. You want to see lions, elephants and rhinos – not to mention all the colorful birds that dot the landscape like gemstones.

Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to ruin your trip with simple, easily avoided mistakes. I’ve seen too many safari enthusiasts mess up their own vacation plans by making naive, innocent mistakes.

These errors have made them sick, stopped them from clicking pictures and led to awkward toilet mishaps!

But that isn’t even the worst of it … The real tragedy is that all these mishaps could have been avoided easily!

For instance … did you know that you can protect yourself from insect bites – and fevers – simply by changing the color of your clothing? This simple tip can mean the difference between … watching lions stalk zebras in the grass, and spending your vacation in an emergency clinic!

Think about it … you may spend thousands of dollars on a safari in Africa. Do you want to risk ruining the memorable vacation of your life with one unpleasant experience that you can avoid easily?

I do not mean to scare you off planning a visit to this marvelous continent. Words can never do justice to Africa’s pristine beauty, its colorful landscapes, rich cultures and friendly people.

Where else can you see the world’s biggest animals, its most beautiful waterfalls, and endless, untamed wilderness? Africa is a land where time stands still.

Jambo! (Hello!) My name is Michaël Theys. I’ve lived and traveled in Africa for over 23 years. My travels have taken me to the savannah of Kenya and Tanzania, the game reserves of South Africa, the natural wonders of Zambia, and the rainforests of Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

When I’m not exploring Africa, I run, the world’s #1 community for Africa enthusiasts.

When I first started traveling, I was curious yet clueless. Eager and naive. And I have made every traveler mistake imaginable.

I want to share these lessons with you, so that you do not make common mistakes that most of us do on a first African safari.

Africa inspires strong passions in the human soul. People from every corner of the world have come here, fallen in love with the land, and now call it home.

Where else in the world can you drive out of a teeming city and come face to face with lions, zebras and towering giraffes? Or find wild ostriches and penguins in the same country? (I’m talking about South Africa).

Nothing captures the African experience better than safaris. In Kenya and Tanzania, you witness millions of wildebeest and zebras moving across two countries, as if powered by a single mind. In Namibia, the world’s fastest animal stalks the deserts.

In South Africa, you can be in an idyllic coastal town like any you’d find in Europe or North America, and be tracking the Big Five the next day. When you are bored of Land Cruisers, you can explore Africa in a houseboat in Botswana. Or soar above the savannah in a hot air balloon. On safari, there are no limits on what’s possible!

The place where you live is very different from the African savannah, rainforest or even an African city. Africa is special … and different from anywhere you’ve traveled before. The ‘rules’ of Africa are different.

And in my years of traveling across Africa, I have seen tourists make simple mistakes that soured their experience.

I do not want you to plan for your safari for months, save up for years, only to have it ruined by something silly in a day – like an out-of-order ATM machine or a mosquito bite.

Which is why I have written the ultimate guide to safaris in Africa. This e-book is jam-packed with information that can make your vacation safer, more enjoyable and more fulfilling.

The Practical A-Z Guide To Going On A Safari is a no-nonsense e-book that doesn’t beat around the (African) bush. There is no ‘fluff’ in this e-book – you’ll find more fluff on an ostrich’s head!

So every time you run a mental checklist, all you have to do is recite the alphabet, and voilà! Every little precaution, gadget or rule of thumb you need is at your fingertips, memorized before you know it!

“The A-Z Safari Guide is a must-have for anyone looking to explore the African continent. Expert Michael Theys takes you through everything from health and safety to culture and language, accessories and travel to how to make the most of your safari. This guide will fully prepare you for the greatest adventure of your lifetime, 5 stars!”

Imagine that you just spent $8,000 booking a safari for two. You arrive at the Serengeti, brimming with excitement … and then you’re… Read more…

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