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Mike Warren SportsNow, Mike Warren is back, stronger than ever, because of the most powerful handicapping breakthrough of the last 50 years…

In 1979, Mike Warren’s Lock of the Year was South Carolina over Wake Forest. The line opened at Wake (-3)! Within two hours of releasing Game Cocks as the play, South Carolina had moved to -5, an 8 point swing. They won by 21, 35-14.

When “Legends” collide then myths are created. And Mike Warren’s heads up battles with the renowned linemaker Bob Martin, of the Union Plaza, were indeed epic. In 8 years of Bowls and Playoffs, Mike Warren beat Martin’s best lines 77% of the time.

Jimmy “the Greek” Snyder had a reputation all his own for picking winners, but on the TV Show “Beat The Pros” and in his own plays, Jimmy always sought out Mike’s opinion before he finalized his picks. People still talk about Jimmy “The Greek” and those who knew “The Greek” know the one handicapper he respected above all was Mike Warren.

In 1983, Mike Warren’s Formula for Winning was captured in one of the first handheld computers, THE MIKE WARREN FOOTBALL ANALYZER, an algorithm that combined hard data with Mike’s “gut instincts” for winning. It was the MOST SUCCESSFUL robot device in the history of sports betting….

…But, it was too successful! As Mike Warren notes, “The analyzer gave the true strength of the teams playing each other and predicted a final score. It was so accurate that beating the spread was easier than taking an Oreo from a 2-year-old, but the linesmakers wised up and began to adjust the spreads when ‘Analyzer Money’ hit. I had to take it off the market because who got down late after the lines changed either had ‘no play’ or had lost their edge.”

After a nearly 40 year winning run, the “Wizard of Winning” retired. He’s been just picking games for himself and friends the last few years. But even then, his reputation was so strong and no one from the generation of handicappers could equal his record so he was sought out by many anywhere he went, from the movies to the grocery store to a restaurant or inside a sports book.

He couldn’t stay retired, it seems. Everyone wanted Mike Warren’s picks on college and NFL football. His national contact list at training camps and stadiums around the country was still intact, his data base was updated by math wizards and, of course, he never lost his own innate sense of making “the right choice” between 2 teams.

A few years ago, a team of Computer Science “genius” students from a major university broke the code for crushing the tables in Las Vegas at blackjack, poker and baccarat. They turned the “House’s advantage” into a liability. Using sound mathematical models they knew when to bet “strong,” when to back off and when to pass. Over the course of a year, they took MILLIONS each from casinos in Las Vegas and helped to put out the lights in more than one Atlantic City venue.

This ‘cartel’ for all the cash then turned to betting professional football and working on a system to beat the spread. They focused on such esoteric mathematical theories as “advanced regression equations and advanced analytic hypotheses using modern technology often reserved for NASA projects. Gradually they developed their own proprietary algorithms to beat the spread.

But, their system lacked something—a soul, a “gut instinct for winning. Yes, it had the raw data and a way to analyze it, but unlike cards or dice, which have no peaks and valleys, football is played by human beings and they were stymied by the often erratic play that was either way above or way below a team’s usual performance.

In their research, the students had studied some of the great handicappers and when they spotted Mike Warren in a Las Vegas sports book they jumped at the opportunity to talk to the man who created the “Theory of Peaks and Valleys,” which states that when a team play with extra emotion and over its collective head that there is a strong likelihood of a letdown and fall off in efficiency the next week.

Comparing their notes, Mike Warren’s knowledge and the Football Analyzer equations, this new “partnership” created the IWIN SYSTEM.

**Predicts a Final Score That Can Be Compared To the Spread **Rates a Chance of Winning from 70% to over 92% **Provides Money Management Principles Based on %

Starting with the National Football League, the IWIN SYSTEM was 36-7 in 2012, 84%. In 2013, that number dipped slightly to 41-11 during the regular season, 78.8%. The 2 year average was better than 80%.

And, 2013’s testing of College Football was nearly as good, 93-37 or 71.5%, which is pure profit. The difference between college and pro stems from the uneven competitiveness of many teams and the fall off in talent between the 1st string and substitutes when injuries occur.

70% Chance of winning …..9 Wins…3 losses 75% 80% Chance of winning……16 Wins…3 Losses 84.2% 90% Chance of winning……6 Wins….1 Loss 85.7% 92% Chance of winning……5 Wins….0 Losses 100%

Based on the accurate percentage of winning projection, bettors can manage their money. To make it easy, Mike Warren broke it down into Units so players know exactly how much to play on each selections.

2 Units……………………$100 3 Units……………………$450 4 Units……………………$700 5 Units……………………$1,000

As the season progresses and winning increases your bankroll, the units=money ratio will increase to. For example: Win a $20,000 bankroll and your 2 Unit games will increase to $400 or 2% of total, 3 Unit games will become $900 or 4 ½% of total, 4 Units games will increase to $1,400 or 7% of total and 5 Unit plays will be… Read more…

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