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Machine Gun LaysIt’s in our nature to get excited about winners. Jumping for joy when the horse we’ve backed to win comes in first. It’s true, picking a winner is very exciting, however, it’s also very hard. I know it, you know it and the bookies know it!

There seems to be far too many tipping services offering up "winners" (and failing miserably at it) instead of the much better proposal of making money from laying losers."

Betting on horses to lose is the only long term sure way of making consistent profits from horse racing.

Over the last 308 days [11.5 months] I have selected a total of 2,097 lay bets and 1,876 of these lost their races… (which of course is a win to me and you). That is Over 89.46% in OUR Favour!!

Yes that’s right…2,097 out of 1,876 successful Lays, that’s a combined win rate of 89.46% since DECEMBER 2013

NONE of the selections are priced more than 10.0 BSP In fact the Average Odds over the 11.5 Months period has been Only 7.74BSP [6/1]

Average points per month is +32.52pts. [that’s £65.04 every month to small £2 betsor £320.52 to £10 bets]

The secret to our success is finding the correct lays at the right prices, keeping the liabilities down as low as possible whilst maximising the chances of picking a loser.

I wanted a second income, not an occasional bonus. Thats why I chose to forget backing horses to make a living from betting, that has to be one of the hardest forms of betting to try and make a long term profit from,

By following Machine Gun Lays, you are following one of the most consistent horse racing lay services around

My Money Spinning Machine Gun Lays Strategy. Selections Delivered the evening before the races between 8pm-1am GMT. Recapped in the morning at around 11am GMT.

Daily Selections also come with a .CSV file which an be loaded into any Betting BOT so users can bet automatically.

You can enter the bookies with complete confidence, not to mention a surprisingly distinct advantage over the masses…

"I will do all the hard work for you each morning by hunting out potential laying opportunities I will have my selections delivered to you 30 to 45 minutes before the start of each race and the the night before if you have other commitments."

Whatever the case, whether it is a few quid to make life easier esecially over christmas, or to finally enjoy a trip to the Sun, Machine Gun Lays can make that difference for you.

That’s why, in addition to showing verified proof from the last 308 Days im allowing you to put it to the test completely risk free

If you are not happy, simply ask for our helpful support team for a refund and we will be happy to oblige as quickly as we can.

Remember, too, this is a limited offering!! Because we are dealing with the lay pool, which is smaller than the win pool, we must be careful to protect the prices.

That is, if too many people learn this technique and use this formula, it will tip the odds against all of us and we can’t have that.

P.S. Remember; You’re covered by a 60-Day Test Drive Money Back Guarantee. No Questions Asked. You can quote me: “If you don’t make profits, you get your money back.

PPS. Only 197 150 127 29 Trial Places are available. As soon as we reach the limit. The site will have a SOLD OUT sign and you will have to watch from the sidelines for the next 12 months.

QUESTION: What Is Lay Betting? ANSWER: Lay betting is the total opposite to win betting. Instead of picking the winner, you are trying to pick the horse that will lose. So with Lay betting, when the horse wins you lose and when it loses you win.

QUESTION: Is this a High Risk Betting Method ANSWER: NO – this is NOT a High Risk Method as we lay using Level Stakes & NO Loss Recovery. you can even lay to max liability. Laying to a £25 Max Liability on every selection would have made you a Net Profit of +£1,363.32 over 11.5 months. Machine Gun Lays uses sound and proven techniques to maximize your profit potential and does not require you to have a huge investment. In fact, working within your current budget, no matter how large or small it may be, you can still bet and make this successful.

QUESTION: Will there be bets all year round, or does your approach only apply to the flat or jumps seasons? ANSWER: Yes, there will be potential lay bets all year around – there’s plenty of racing these days and with the floodlit action at the all weather tracks during the winter months there’s plenty of opportunities – check the past results page and you’ll get an idea of how many bets a day there are.

QUESTION: Do I need a large “Betting Bank” to use your techniques? ANSWER: No, in fact many of our clients start with betting banks as small as £50. I recommend that you start with a bank you can comfortably afford and at no stage stretch yourself financially.

QUESTION: How many bets will I get each day? ANSWER: This will vary each day depending on the quality of races so there’s no set amount. If you take another look at my results it’ll give you a better idea of what to expect.

QUESTION: Will I Win Everyday? ANSWER: Based on our results so far, then there is a very good chance. However, we cannot 100% guarantee that we’ll have winning months every month going forward. In 11.5 Months of live betting we’ve had ONLY 1 Losing month and that was a tiny -2.45pts Loss. With our odds… Read more…

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