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IndexHorse racing handicapping betting system & betting skills book from master handicapper, mathematician & author, Gordon Easton will sharpen and improve your handicapping skills and increase winning results at the track… for serious horse race fanatics across the globe… Guaranteed!

The first weekend at the track after reading your book (Handicapping Secrets of the Horse Racing Fanatic) I won $2,600.00! Thanks for all the great info.

The thunder of horses’ hooves… the surging roar of the crowd… the heart-stopping excitement of watching your horse run its heart out for a really big win.

In fact… the only thing more exciting than a day at the races is to walk away from the track with a big fat chunk of winning cash in your pocket!

My powerful mathematical betting formulas and proven handicapping secrets are time-tested and proven.

Just a few days ago… I was cashing some winning tickets at my hometown track… Santa Anita… when a fellow race fan approached me.

He’d just won the Exacta himself for $82.50, and was pretty happy. That is, until he saw me cashing in a $2,520.20 Trifecta win for the very same race.

You see… I’d covered the same Exacta bet as he had… but had also thrown a couple long shots into the mix and played the Trifecta as well… using one of my own special betting configurations.

He was downright crestfallen to find out that by betting just a couple dollars more that he had… I’d put an extra $2,510.20 into my pocket.

How is it that somebody can go to the track all those years, and never win big enough to have an IRS sign-up?

They play the horses that are picked in the newspapers… the tip sheets… or the favorites on the Tote Board.

They are only betting the hot horses… the hot jockeys… and the hot trainers. They may cash a lot of tickets… but they are probably cashing small ones.

It was only a seven-horse field. And boy was I happy to see my three horses go off at the longest odds on the board.

(I had also included the favorite as insurance… but he blew the turn and finished out of the money.)

You see… I pick the horses I like. And, I don’t get scared away if they are not the popular choices.

In fact, I take a long second look at the horses that most fans dismiss… because that’s where the real money is!

Maybe that’s why I’ve been described as "One of the most daring and innovative handicappers on the planet."

In fact, this is the fastest and easiest way to get more winnings at the track starting the very next time you place a bet.

First of all, I will provide you with a complete set of powerful, proven, and easy-to-follow betting formulas.

These will let you cover more horses for every dollar you bet when handicapping anything from a few boxed-in favorites… to such high-payoff combination tickets as Trifectas and Pick Sixes.

I believe this material needs more than reading, it should be studied and practiced. The author is certainly knowledgeable about the secrets of winning. For any serious horseplayer who is self taught or those who aspire to collect money from the recetracks, armed with just these techniques a loser could become a winner. I would heartily endorse this author.

Moreover… these mathematically precise betting configurations can be easily adapted for play at any horseracing track in the world.

As you know, when going for a Pick Six, putting all of your winning selections on a single ticket is the only way to guarantee a ticket with all six winners. Unfortunately, this can cost a fortune.

Best of all… if you get a winner in each race, you are guaranteed to line up at least five winners on one ticket. And that will put you in the money.

For example: Playing three horses in four races… and a single selection in two races… will cost the uninitiated player $162.00.

And, if any one of these 81 possible combinations comes in… you are covered… meaning you will line up either five or six on one ticket!

Sound too good to be true? Let me assure you otherwise. It’s solid gold real. And, time and time again it has worked for me!

In fact, I have cashed in more than 200 Pick-Fives… and a slew of Pick Sixes… including a Pick Six on a Monday… and another Pick Six the following Monday… and cashed in on hundreds of consolations as well!

Fanatic:Optimum betting strategies… and easy-to-follow "plug and play" betting formulas for every type of wager.

For many race fans… the confusion caused by differences between tracks… pace… distances… etc., seems daunting.

This is why many players feel more comfortable playing the favorites off the tip sheets… tote boards… etc, when handicapping their races.

It takes guts to go against the grain and put your money down on a Long Shot or two… or throw a "dark horse" into a mix of favorites.

One tool that can help handicappers of all skill levels is the Beyer Speed Ratings (also called Beyer Numbers) that you will find prominently displayed in the Daily Racing Form.

Ideally, these numbers can be used to compare horses that have raced at different tracks, different distances, and different type racing conditions (mud, fast, etc.)

Understanding how to use this rating system is especially important, because of the fact that a large percentage of winners come from the three horses in a race with the highest Beyer Numbers.

However, because it is tedious and time-consuming to add up all of the numbers for each horse and average them, many players cannot be bothered with taking advantage of this powerful tool.

That’s because they don’t know the little trick I will show you to simplify this process that… Read more…

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