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HomeThe Closest Thing to REAL INSIDE INFORMATION! If you have been around horse racing for any time at all, then you’ve heard other handicappers talk about “inside information”. Some guy knows a guy who is best friends with the jockey on a longshot in Race 3 who says this horse can’t be beat and is going to go wire to wire at 30 to 1 on Saturday. You get the drift. Every handicapper is in search Want to know what the best part is? You won’t need any tip sheets or expensive software of any kind! You will be able to scan the form and in just minutes you will have spotted a real Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Now I know this sounds silly and ridiculous. I mean how could you possibly take something like this seriously? If I had called this thing what it is you would have had a “light bulb moment” and would think that you did not need this system. Don’t let the name fool you. This system produces winners like you have never dreamed of at prices that will astound you. But even if you had figured out the basics of this method you would have soon failed because there are rules to go by, and if you are not careful you will

But don’t get me wrong here either. This system is brain dead simple. When you take The Chicken Dinner Method and begin to implement it the way I show you in the book you will be laughing all the way to the bank! It consistently produces winners that pay healthy paydays!

Now I am not going to tell you a rags to riches story about how I was struggling and had a dream and the method hit me square in the eyes. No. I found and developed this method because I was already playing the ponies and took notice of this angle. One thing led to another and I had a consistent winning system added to my handicapping arsenal.

One more thing. I am using this system myself. It produces Boxcar Payoffs. It works the best at just a handful of particular race tracks, which I reveal to members. I know that if too many people have this system, the payouts will be radically diminished. That is the main reason I named it such a silly name. It will keep many people from purchasing it. But for the few ones that do, they will enjoy the rewards that I do.

Why am I Selling the System? Why Don’t I Just Play it and Be Happy With the Winners if it is So Good?

Good question. I will answer the second part first. The fact is I am playing the system and I am very happy! Thank you very much! It works so well that I have to play it because I am a horseplayer! In fact I use it almost exclusively. When I spot a “Chicken Dinner” you better know I am going to play it! Because when you spot a horse that gives you an edge and you have increased your chances of winning significantly, you have no choice but to play. It’s in my blood.

I will tell you straight. I did not invent this method. No one did. It has always been right there in front of your eyes. I just happened to discover it for myself and hung the name “Chicken Dinner” on it. I am sure other handicappers discovered the method too but most of them did not develop it to its full potential.

As to the first question “Why am I selling the system?” Easy. I am not a spring chicken anymore, (pardon the pun). I am selling this because I know it will help the serious horseplayer who is looking for another angle to play. I had some help along the way when I was coming up and I sure did appreciate it. I just want to return the favor. I want to give something back. And hey, if you don’t want to believe that, then you are not like me. That’s just the way it is. I have known about this method for twenty-five years. I have finally decided to share it. That is the Truth.

Are you kidding me? No! and it does not win 50% either. But I can promise that if you use it the way I show you, you will be a happy camper. You know the feeling you get when your horse crosses the wire first and pays boxcar prices? You will be  experiencing that feeling more than you can imagine.

When I mentioned “Boxcar Prices” before I was not exaggerating! I will prove to you in video after video that you will get payoffs that run from $4 all the way to $80 and even more. The favorites at most tracks just average about 30% and you can’t make any money with that consistently. Most of the winners from this system are not favorites.

I will tell you right here that Chicken Dinner is a trainer’s angle and that they use this method to win for them. It does not show up every race. Sometimes it does not show up at all on a given day. I must say though that you won’t usually go two days without seeing one. It is a trainer’s angle and so you won’t see it all the time. But when you do see it…look out!

22 Videos that you can watch and learn easily how to spot chicken dinners and how to avoid the counterfeit chicken dinners. I show in detail real examples of plays that were run at several race tracks. You will not get through them before you are an expert at smelling out the Chicken Dinners and picking these horses.

I am not going to bore you with any more claims or promises… Read more…

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