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Foundations - Clickbank - Power Stock TradesYou are probably here because you are looking to learn how to profit from the stock market.  You came to the right place.

You are about to discover the playground of the wealthy and learn stock market secrets that are usually reserved for the rich.

You will learn the fundamentals of how to make the stock market work for you. This course is going to be a game changer with how you think about this industry.  Whether you decide to trade or not, you will become more knowledgeable about the stock market and well informed when speaking about it to your investment advisers, financial planners, friends, family and coworkers.  No more staring into the abyss as people talk over your head about the stock market.

Learn the magic of compounding interest.  Discover the magical number that $4,000 invested at 10% monthly compounding interest grows to in just 5 years.  The number may blow your mind.

Get a complete understanding of what the stock market is and how it works.  Learn the terminology the professionals use as well as how to find winning stocks in the winning sectors and the most profitable industries.

Learn how to perform fundamental research to evaluate the health of a company’s stock as well as any competitors in the same sector or industry.  Discover if insiders are buying or selling the stock and if the cash flow and debt to equity ratio are intact.

Dive into "technical analysis" with confidence.  Get a complete understanding of Line Charts, Open Bar Charts, Candlesticks and more.  You will understand once and for all how to read stock charts and graphs that are displayed in newspapers such as the IBD and Wall Street Journal.

Candlestick charts are the backbone of trading. Learn the components that make up this important style of chart.

Identify stock trends like the professionals.  The trend is your friend.  Learn how to identify stocks that are in an uptrend and what traps to avoid when stocks are in a downtrend.  Mastering this one skill will make or break your trading account.

If your Foundations of Stock Market Trading purchase fails to meet your expectations you may return it within the first 60 days for a full refund

If you’re a college student who is either looking for skills outside of the classroom or you want more than just a job when you graduate.  If you have the desire to learn about the financial freedom the stock market can provide for you.

You have always wanted to understand what makes the stock market move.  You want to be better informed when discussing stocks with co-workers or your financial planner.

You want to build on a solid foundation and be more educated with which stocks, sectors and industries you should pick for controlling your own retirement account.

Included in this bonus is my personal stock trading checklist. Following this checklist will increase your ability to pick winning stocks and apply the correct strategies for any market condition.

This bonus is a Live webinar replay of “Intro to Options Trading.” During this webinar you will gain insight into using Calls and Puts as leverage to power up your trading.

Included in this bonus is one of my favorite free resources.  I use it to check the earnings release dates and economic events before I ever place a trade.

Are you ready for the challenge?  Use the included spreadsheet to determine how much money you need to start your trading account and project how much you need to earn and at what percentage to yield a million dollars or any other financial goal.

Connect with other traders who have completed the Power Stock Trades – Foundations Course.  You will be given access to peer-to-peer support, have the ability to ask questions, and join discussions about stock trades in the current market by automatically becoming a member of this private Foundations Group Forum.

All modules are in video format to give you an over the shoulder look at the instructor’s screen and visual interpretation of the lessons.

Each module has a universal MP3 file which allows users to listen to the modules in their car or smartphone while on the go.

Connect with other traders who have taken the course with our private members-only Foundations Group Forum.

Download the stock trading checklist and use as often as you like to ensure you don’t miss a step before buying a stock.

If you’re a single parent or stay at home mom, learn how to bring in a secondary stream of income by harnessing the power of the stock market.  Work from home and be your own boss.

Thought it was too expensive to learn how to trade or that it was only a place for the rich to get richer?  With the advancement of the internet, you can learn to trade like the professionals for a fraction of the cost.

If you love to learn new things or you’re a teacher looking to better explain the potential of the stock market to kids, teenagers, adults or other family members.

Watch stocks move in real-time for more accurate buying and selling decisions while using real-time charts. Read more…

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