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What’s especially hard for you is the odds you see aren’t often the REAL odds of a bet’s actual chances…

For example…They may say the odds for your bet is evens (2.0) yet this bet could really be 2/1 (3.0) if you delve into things.

Think of a bookmaker like a supermarket. One bookmaker is not going to have the best price on everything it prices up.

Bookmakers odds tend to balance out, that’s why it is frustratingly difficult to get a good price at any of the bookies, despite how hard you might try.

However, as long as you are armed with the right information you can win BIG and consistently betting on football.

Its incredibly hard to beat the bookies on your own, and the chancers who flood the internet are just wasting your time.

Simply by betting the bets we advise you can keep one step ahead of the bookmaker and generate MASSIVE profits as high as £5867 a month.

No one wants to spend HOURS working out complicated statistics and trawling the internet for the latest news on numerous teams and players.

Let us do the hard work and we will send you our weekly tips to follow that will literally take you 5 minutes to bet.

Some tipsters like to tip everything under the sun, these guys are hard to follow and more often than not bet for the sake of it and eventually will lose.

Forget all the fuss and faff of following complicated systems, stick with us and you can enjoy winning without the hard work.

Independent review site Honest Betting Reviews completed an extensive review and made 44 Points profit. That’s £440 at £10 stakes or £4400 at £100 stakes.

They had this to say, "we are pleased to say this has proved a profitable service and very easy to follow."

Full Access to Football Value Tips which makes as much as £5867 a month. Highly selective and profitable service.

We specialise in finding bets at value odds that beat the bookies. This ensures a consistent long-term profit for YOU as high as £36,883.50 a season.

Unlike other tipping services we don’t suffer long losing runs. We carefully select and balance our bets to ensure you have as many winning weeks as possible.

Following our tips is easy and straightforward. It will literally take you only 5-10 minutes a week to Profit!

Join our betting club and we will ensure YOU are put first. If you ever need any help with your football betting we are only an email away.

We specialise in bets on the English Premier League and also cover the major European and World Leagues.

Hi Phil, As as member I have tried the services you offer for some time I want to scream to everyone:THE ARE *AWESOME AWESOME!!!!*The tips work just great. I live in Canada and I am not a "professional gambler" and I don’t make my living from sports betting – just a regular person with a full time job. My betting bank is small, but thanks to you Phil it has grown a little. I do believe a person can make big money using your tips just have to up the stakes.Winning is fun and feels good. Do they work 100% all the time? The answer is no but it is called gambling for a reason.As long as I make some money I’m very happy. I made 70$ profit last weekend using your tips. My 50 points are 20$ so I bet 240$ using all your tips and got back 311$.Not bad for 30 min work. Thanks Phil for the great service and keep the good tips coming. Regards, Tim

Hi Guys, Beautiful job this weekend, you were 100% correct, thanks, for the 6/6 ! All the best, Attila Szucs

Wow. The tips so far have been outstanding. When Suarez scored the third goal I was jumping up and down! 10/1 what a tip. Well done! I’ve never seen anything like this before. I’m already up over £1000 in profit. Keep up the good work. Many Thanks, John.

I joined though a friend last weekend Saturday. It was the best thing ive ever done. YES! 5/6 winning bets paid for my subscription and more, can’t wait for next week.Thanks Phil Ian, Germany.

Hi Phil, I’m from Singapore. I love your Double Chance selection for Premier League last weekend. Do you know that is my first time that I’ve made profit from my local bookmaker. I look forward to see more of same kind of selections. Thank you very much, Phil. Keep up your good work! Yours faithfully Kelvin

Fantastic tips again this week Phil Thank You so much, I have only been able to do 25p per point stakes for the last month my betting bank is now £500. Hope you had a good weekend Regards , Kevin

Thanks Phil, You have done extremely well the last few weeks. Take care and best wishes to you and your team. Kind Regards, Frank

Hi Phil, I thought i’d get in touch to say how happy I am with Football Value Tips. I used it Saturday and got 2 winners that both won easily. I’ve already more than paid my yearly subscription cost with one day’s tips!!! Cheers, Rich

Hi Phil, I was really impressed with the tips you sent me on Friday. 3 out of 3 Winners. Can’t believe it! I bet them as an accumulator, and had a treble returning a nice £492.44. Happy Days! Thank you very much for all your hard work, Paul Stevens… Read more…

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