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Fan Victor - The Ultimate Fantasy Sports Plug-inThis Fantasy Sports Plugin focuses on the key elements: the product itself, fan engagement and monetizing your traffic.

Cash in on the biggest sports niche around. Fan Victor integrates with PayPal. All you need is your PayPal ID to accept deposits while you sleep.

Our plug-in has all the industry standard features plus so many more. You can also request something if there is something you would like implemented.

The plug-in is certified by, so you know it’s high quality. It also makes upgrading easy through the WordPress admin panel.

Cancel anytime. No contract. You are not locked in. As a valuable customer of Fan Victor, you’ll get FREE life time upgrades and super friendly 24 hour email customer support.

Fan Victor provides all the necessary stats and is fully automated for all major sports & organizations. As the site owner, you just need to worry about promotion and growing traffic.

If there is anything we can help you with, please let us know. Whether you have discovered a problem or need help customizing our product to fit your needs, we are always happy to help out and point you into the right direction.

Got a special case? You can request custom development.  Our friendly account managers will work with you one on one to ensure we understand what you want so we can deliver it fast and accurately.

Our Fantasy Platform provides your users everything they need to create, maintain, track and join a contest for nearly every single sport. Create a DFS site using one or multiple sports. The possibilities are end-less!

From the NBA to Men’s College basketball, we got you covered! Fantasy Basketball is gaining huge momentum in the Fantasy Sports Market!

We would never leave our Hockey fans behind. From the NHL to the Olympics, this plugin covers it all!

This plugin covers so many sports and is so customizable, we can’t even begin to list all the sports this plugin can support!

Looking for Fan Engaement engagement? So not only do we offer real cash games, but we also offer a non-cash mode where you can offer Fan engagement to your audience to give away prizes and can be used for marketing and promotional purposes.

Currently the plugin supports Daily Fantasy Sports play. Future features will include to play weekly and season long. There are currently four types of game play and more on the way.

Do you have an idea for a different game type? Let us build it for you. Leverage our existing plugin and only develop what you need.

The automated feeds are OPTIONAL. If you purchase the base plug-in it will still contact us to run the contests, but its only a one time fee to get onto our system.

With our plugin you can create any contest for any sport or event. Such as eFantasy Sports Plugin, Diving, Triathlon, Cricket, Surfing, Boxing, Horse Racing, Stock Market, Political Races, BlockBuster Movie Weekend Totals, TV-Shows and so much more!

Our Fantasy Sports Platform can also do eFantasy Sports! eFantasy Sports gives you the ability to watch your League match-ups live. It allows you to get live play updates from all games in progress as well as view the points for all teams/players in your league. The app supports an unlimited number of leagues, all you have to do is enter your login and the app will pull down all of the leagues your are a member of. You are able to quickly switch back and forth between your different leagues in an intuitive and user friendly way.

Select one, many or all organizations to be included in your site. In the Admin Control Panel of your WordPress or PHPFox site, you can set which organizations you want to have on your site. You have total control.

Use it for Leagues of all kinds. Create your own custom pools on top of the automated ones too! That is right, you can create custom pools for just about anything using the admin panel. You are NOT limited to the games supported by the plugin. You can create your own pools easily. You can allow your Members to create their own contests based on the pools you create!

You are limited only by your own creativity. The Sports Fantasy Engine will keep track of everything and show you stats on deposits and withdraws. Everything is completely automated when you sign up with one of the Premium versions of the plug-in.

The hottest topic in Social Media is Social Gaming, getting your members to compete with each other and socialize on your site while they do it. This plugin connects players to each other so they play against each other. There is absolutely NO risk to you!

This Fantasy Sports Module gives your members the chance to spend their credits competing in Daily Tournaments and Contests involving predictions of outcomes of Sporting Events. Sports games such as NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, NCAA Basketball and Football, Soccer, Golf, Drag Racing and even MMA. Great fun for everyone! Keep your visitors engaged on your site with an extremely exciting Fantasy Sports game and make money on the biggest sports niche today.

This awesome Fantasy Sports Plug-in is open source under GPLv2 and considered "Service Ware" as defined by (View Guidelines), meaning you are free to change the code of the plug-in to your own liking. You do NOT have to contribute your changes back to the community. Your changes are yours to make and keep.

You are allowed to modify the plug-ins’ core and template files for exactly the functionality and look you want. This plug-in uses API’s to connect to the Fan Victor Central Servers to run all your games. This is where are the stats of each sport are harvested from our data providers. The game engine resides on the Fan Victor Central Servers. In order to operate the… Read more…

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