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Expert Football Tips - Basketball PredictionsWelcome to Gambit Sports Trading my name is Craig and before being a private sports trader/tipster I use to work at a sports agency company, This put me in touch with some very powerful and influential people in the world of sport, Especially in the football/soccer world. I use these network of contacts to get the inside track from soccer matches around the world. This makes Gambit Sports Trading one of the most powerful tipster sites available to the public for a limited time. Top quality highly researched trades straight to your inbox.

If you are still using your intuition to make bets on sports, especially soccer, your betting experience is about to change forever! But, before we dwell into what I am about to tell you, answer me this: Do you know any bookies that have lost money on bets or commissions? Do you really think they are 100% honest with you and tell you the best bets with most winning odds?

So, Why Are You Still Relying On Them To Tell You What Is Hot? Two Reasons: 1. You don’t have any other source that can guide you of the best football picks 2. You don’t have time to evaluate matches yourself Let’s add another angle to that if you do the calculations yourself. How many sources do you have and how sure are you with the numbers you get? In addition, what is the amount of time you spend on getting those numbers?

In every match, there are tons of factors that decide how it is going to unfold. The weather, the location, the crowd, past performance of the teams, morale, individual players, layout of the team, placement of the players on the field, the coach, the captain, the competition and there are tons of other element to be considered. There is no way an individual can do it every day for every match out there.

The reason Gambit Sports Trading works so perfectly is we are not bookies; we are not taking money from you on every bet or waiting for commissions, that is why we help you make it. We are not saying that we have the hacked the system or cracked the code that makes us travel back and forth in time to get football bet tips and predictions, we use intelligence and statistical data to calculate the winning picks.

We have taken all the guesswork out of football betting, even made Asian handicap predictions so easy for everyone that even people who are new to betting are making money every single day! So, if you are still relying on your bookie to tell you the picks and losing money, let’s change all that and start seeing results for yourself. Read more…

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