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Daycare Management Software"Your management software has been an absolute godsend! You have no idea what a mess my records were in!" — James Peterson

"I just love this product and what it has done for my company. I have gone from having 12 little ones a day to having 3 classes of 15 every day, and its all down to the increased organization I have as a result of Day Care Manager Pro. I can’t imagine life without it!" — Barbara Schroeder

"I couldn’t believe my luck when I stumbled onto your site and saw your day care software site. While I have seen software like this before, I was interested in the features. Now I have had it a few months its just a godsend. It has made my job so much easier! Thank you so much!" — Larry Lindsay

If you would like to keep accurate and up to date records on all of your clients, manage the expenses and financial details of your business with ease and efficiency and run a daycare center that is a step above the rest, then this might be the most important letter you’ll ever read. Here’s why:

This package not only manages your client billing and your every day finances, but it also manages to build a highly detailed and easy to use database of crucial client profiles! All of this detail and all at your fingertips! You will never be better organized!

Daycare Manager Pro is one of the most highly respected organizational software packages on the internet because it offers you more features and functions than other daycare management software does, and it does it better!

I’ve spent a lot of time designing a solution to daycare management that’s easy to use…

But it seems everywhere I’ve looked, all I’ve found is company after company trying to pass off the same old, run-of-the-mill daycare management system as a "revolutionary" new service.

Their systems can establish databases, they can create classes, they can store medical records, and some of the more sophisticated ones can handle things like making forms and reports.

… But give me a break! Are these the features that have the potential to allow you to manage your daycare business like clockwork?

So all this research got me thinking… If I’m this frustrated, after spending months and months looking for a comprehensive daycare management software package and have had to spend thousands of dollars making my own software package, how frustrated are YOU?!

The average daycare center owner doesn’t have the time (or the cash) to deal with problems like these. And you don’t want the SAME daycare management solution that every other business owner and their dog is having trouble with!

So I decided that, since I couldn’t find this software anywhere else, I’d build it myself… … AND to offer to all my customers and subscribers who’ve been telling me that they’ve been experiencing these exact same frustrations.

Of course, we built it to include all of the basic features that ANY daycare management software solution should have, but I’ll tell you about these later.

First, I want to tell you about the powerful advanced features that set Daycare Manager Pro apart from ANY other day care management software solution out there…

How do you keep track of your class attendance sheets, personal notation for children, billing records,crucial client profiles, child reports and cash flow reports?

Let me guess: a whole string of different folders within folders, a few piles of paper stacked strategically on your desk, and the odd post-it note on your monitor… am I right?

I used to run things the same way myself, but then I got fed up with the lack of organization and efficiency… But now, with Day Care Manager Pro you can…

Save valuable time and effort by being able to add class notes and progress reports to a client’s file for safe and accurate administrative feedback.

…This is your truly ULTIMATE daycare management tool, from where you can manage the individual needs of each and every client from one simple easy location!

You can instantly access a client’s file and account details in a matter of seconds. You can identify exactly what is owing on a client’s account, and identify when the client was invoiced, and when the payment was received. This really helps for the accurate and up-to-date book-keeping that is crucial to running a small business.

" I’ve used Day Care Manager Pro for the last 4 months now, and now that I am totally used to it and familiar with all of the functions, I would recommend this to anyone serious about their business. I was pretty organized as far as the client billing and personalized service I offered to my customers, but it took me so long to do it!

Now Daycare Manager Pro does it all for me. I have automatic attendance entries set up for my regular children, and the automatic billing feature makes sure that I don’t forget to bill my clients. It really has saved me so much time and hassle.

In fact, Day Care Manager Pro has has made it so much easier for me, I’m have increased my clients by a further 15 children, without having to spend any extra time in the office. I’m generating extra revenue, and it is less effort than before! I highly recommend this program.

I know that there are a lot of different family situations out there, and I insisted that Daycare Manager Pro recognize this diversity by enabling you to create your own titles, contact details and account types to best fit the needs and requirements of the children and families in your care.

The settings option enables you the opportunity to create your own titles, contact details, and account types to make sure that you can accommodate the needs of your customers in a personalized and efficient manner.

I truly believe the personal touch is what can differentiate one… Read more…

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