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Balay System-Horse Racing System-Win at horse racingThis is not an arbitraging, trading or dutching system. Sounds too good to be true? This system has been selling for years – it has stood the test of time! Check the reviews!

Please Note: This system does make extensive use of Betting Exchanges. Please do check if you can legally use a Betting Exchange in your country of domicile.

Create a good steady salary every month, working from home, without having to learn anything about horses, racing, trainers or jockeys! This system is based on tried and tested statistics, not tipsters, insider tips or any other false information as to whether or not a horse is going to lose or win.

You KNOW there is a way of making steady money out of racing and yet everything you try either does not work, costs you thousands, or stops working after a while……

You back an odds-on, that simply has to come home in front, the price is so low, and the horse gets beaten

You lay a high priced horse, wincing at the liability, and, yes, it wins – even the 100/1 horses win sometimes

You try system after system, method after method, tipster after tipster, but in the end it seems the horses, the jockeys and the trainers are against you

Then it becomes personal; those horses know exactly whether you are backing to win or laying to lose, and they do the complete opposite

In desperation you back or lay the next horse in the next race, without even thinking it through, and true to form it does whatever you did not want it to do.

You buy systems and methods that have you risking thousands on the right horse, at the right odds, or that are so complicated you cannot understand the system to put it into use

And the agony of watching the horse as it either comes in and wins, or goes out and loses is unbearable!

There is a system, tried and tested, that does not need you to work out complicated time-consuming calculations, does not need hours of preparation. You do not need to check out form, or know when the horse last raced, or how good the trainer is, or what the jockey had for breakfast.

Takes concentration and sitting in front of the computer all day, but it’s exciting and yes, what the authors say is true. It is good to know that whatever the horses do, win or lose, I do come out of it with a profit each day.

Bought the system, and as usual was sceptical, but amazingly it works. Takes a bit of time watching the racing each day but I am more than happy with the results.

Living in Oz I was a bit suspicious of this system. But thought I give it a go. Pleasantly surprised guys, brings in the money, it’s a good system. I like the way there are several races a day, keeps the stakes low and the profit in good amounts in comparison. This system suits me very well. And it’s nice to deal with some guys you can trust! Regards Chris B.- Australia

When I checked this site out, quite frankly I did not believe it was possible. I have spent over £500.00 on crap systems which don’t work and I have got really disillusioned with it all.

But I don’t give up. I found this site and what I really, really liked is that you give your name, address and email address on the site. That is MOST unusual.

What is even more unusual is that when I emailed you, you actually replied with honesty. So I took a punt on the system and I admit I am very glad I did. It needs concentration, no doubt, and dedication to watch the racing all afternoon, but to me, that’s now my job. I make a good living from the system, I love the way you tell it as it is, you don’t paint any fancy pictures.

My job means I sit at home, watching the computer all afternoon, drinking my tea or coffee and by tea time, I am done!

My very, very grateful thanks to you both for being the BEST thing in racing that I have come across. You are truly great people and this is a truly great system. Yes, recommend it to anyone.

This is without doubt the most comprehensive and professional system I have come across. And I’ve tried plenty like many others I am sure.

Dennis and Hazel answered my many questions which really upped them in my opinion, and they were open and honest about it all.

Takes a bit of practise, totally different system to get your head around. But tried it on paper the first week then with small stakes. Now I am making a good income from sitting in front of the computer all afternoon! Can’t be bad.

Yes, I would recommend this system to anyone who is serious about making an income at home. Not for those who want to do a ‘one off’ bet a day. You need to be disciplined and focused but it works a treat. I’m happy!

I have been buying and trying systems for some years now, I need to make an income from home. Needless to say, like lots of other people I am sure, I have never yet found a system that works consistently over time. Until the Balay, hurrah!

Now I am able to relax in life, at last being able to create an steady income and pay those nasty bills!

I wanted to say also that you are both extremely good to communicate with, thanks for all the answers to my emails.

‘You know the scenario. You back a horse to win and it duly loses. You lay the next one to lose and it wins. Frustrating, isn’t it? There’s no way of covering both outcomes and there’s the conundrum.

But what if there was a… Read more…

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