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Bake-A-Dog-A-Bone - Step-By-Step Start-up Resources Guide!"We’ve Turned Over Every Rock And Reveal The Easy-To-Follow Secret Tactics That Will Guarantee You Fetch Your Own Share Of The $65 Billion Dollar Pet Industry… Starting From Scratch On A Shoe-String Budget "

If you have always dreamt about turning your passion for pets into a home-based business that could give you financial independence and control over your life and your future… then this might be the most important letter you’ll ever read!

We’ll provide you with a detailed step-by-step business system designed to have you on your way to claiming your own six-figure piece of the $56,000,000,000 (that’s BILLION) dollars spent on pets annually.

Now that’s certainly a tall statement, but let us show you how it’s very possible, in fact, quite straightforward to start and operate your own highly profitable pet bakery using the step-by-step instructions provided in this course…

To be successful in business you need experts to guide you straight through the process… …with no "theories" just facts!

Chris Trombley has launched hundreds of products into the pet industry while a senior manager in PETsMART’s food and treat group.

Chris is an explosive "results first" pet industry pro who’s reputation for launching and managing staggeringly profitable brands is legendary!

Doug Bertram, former CEO of Farnam Pet Products, President of Happy Dog Toys and currently President of eBizWize, LLC, (an internet-based pet consulting company) has an extensive operational and functional experience, routinely earning several thousand dollars a day consulting with up and coming pet products companies.

As president of Farnam’s Pet group Doug spotted several successful niche’s and grew sales and profitability to unprecidented levels, before taking on the challenge of turning around a similarly challenged pet toy company.

You Need Step-By-Step Details Spelled Out Quickly! …By A Team That Can Teach You The Ropes!

Between the two of them, Chris and Doug have developed, launched and managed millions of dollars in pet nutritional and health products.

If you want to learn how to quickly and profitably get started in the lucrative pet industry – these two will help you do it through this ground breaking resource guide.

The SURE-FIRE Secret to creating a buzz in your market by partnering with other "Pet Professionals!" (page 78)

How to QUICKLY Avoid the #1 Mistake New Pet Treat Bakers Make that causes them to struggle to maintain any level of profitability or success…so you can start out right and grow quick (page 13)

A Step-By-Step Order Tracking System… that will allow you to dominate your market with your knowledge of your customers (page 97)

The Golden Rule of Pet Parent Customer Service and how one ‘sin’ can cost you plenty in sales and reputation (page 89)

Quickly and Easily Identify the single deadliest human ingredients for pets… ensuring healthier pets and happier owners! (page 100)

Learn the tips, tricks and secrets directly from some of the most SUCCESSFUL Pet Treat Bakers Today!

These people are just like you… a "pet person" who jumped in, started baking, and are now dominating their market – making money doing something they love!

I just sold over 100 four pound bags of my new peanut butter biscuits last week! This is really FUN and EASY. Dogs love them and my customers are happy. I recommend your resource guide 1000%

This resource guide goes way beyond the normal ‘knock on doors, go to the local fairs, etc.’ advice. You’re giving real life examples, and telling me why I should try certain things, or why they will work."

"Realistically, I expect to earn nearly $5,000 a month using the information contained in this resource guide! BUY IT!!! It’s unlike any other pet industry resource guide."

I have searched pet stores, book stores and the internet from top to bottom — this is by far the very best step-by-step resource guide out there and at a price that anyone looking to get into this huge market can afford — I am extremely pleased!!!

Your information has helped me get back on the quickest and most profitable path to pet industry success. Close your eyes, bite the bullet and buy the product — You’ll never regret it! It answers all your questions clearly, nothing is left out.

DO NOT buy any course on how to start a pet focused business unless it meets the following criteria:

Shows you not only HOW to bake the treats that deliver the most profits, but also shows you how to approach other "Pet Professionals" to add another "Income Stream" flowing into your checking account

Shows you ONLINE and OFFLINE marketing strategies that will allow you to capture significant data that will help you to dominate your marketplace

Gives you the big, unbiased picture about marketing and selling your treats… then gives you the tools to go do it!

Demonstrates how to CREATE several "Income Streams" within your bakery business by adding seasonal items, gift baskets and services to boost your sales

Is written by someone who doesn’t just talk useless theory… but gives you the benefit of years of pet industry management experience straight from the "front lines"

In fact, Chris and Doug have several very lucrative consulting partnerships within the pet industry that generate significant revenue streams yearly

Chris and Doug have both presented industry trends and product concepts designed to capitalize on those trends to PETsMART and Petco, where attendees paid thousands of dollars to learn from thier ideas!

You get immediate access to the breakthrough step-by-step guide "Turning Your Passion For Pets Into A Six-Figure Income" along with some very exciting bonuses for taking action right now!

We believe it’s 100% to your benefit to act right away, so we want to sweeten the pot and give you every possible reason to say YES today!

So here’s the deal: When you accept our invitation to download "Turning Your Passion For Pets Into A Six-Figure Income" you… Read more…

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